Ride & Stride - 9th September 2017 

Stuart and Kathryn, Clare and I were kindly ferried to Croughton. By 9.15am. our walk started in bright sunshine from the Church of All Saints, Croughton. We had a strict time schedule to be at Evenley Church between 3.30 and 3.45pm. for Clive to collect us to be back in Hinton by 4.00pm.

Our route across some attractive Oxfordshire countryside took us first to the charming church of St Mary’s Hardwick, after a little “Blackberrying” to sustain us, we were welcomed by the Churchwarden. Then on to the delightful Roman Catholic church of the “Holy Trinity” at Hethe built around 1832. Here we were warmly welcomed again and offered refreshments which we politely declined as we were now well on our way to the Muddy Duck! We ordered our lunches then went a few yards further to visit the village church of St Edmund and St. George. Here the Chancel has Norman South and West walls with lancet windows, the East end being rebuilt in the 13th Century. Another warm welcome with pressing offers of “cake”! Knowing there would be no time for “Pudding” at the Pub we were persuaded to indulge! And so to the Pub. Being well fuelled we set off for home via Cottisford with its lovely little church, St. Mary the Virgin, meticulously maintained and the plaque commemorating Flora Thompson, the author of “Larkrise to Candleford”, on the wall facing the South entrance to greet us. Now, in pouring rain, we proceeded on to Juniper Hill. No church here, but time for a short break to enjoy “nos oranges avec de Brandy” as we were well on time to reach our final objective – Saint George’s church, Evenley. This we reached at 3.33pm. At 3.45pm Clive arrived and ferried us back to Hinton by 4.00pm. I received a very warm welcome from Dorothy to stamp all the Sponsorship forms in our own Church of “The Most Holy Trinity” which marked the end of our mission.

It was a lovely day out in the countryside, with very good company and Clare’s photos to prove it all. My sincere thanks to all our “Church Sitters”, generous Sponsors, Clive our Chauffer and my fellow walkers for generously giving time and energy to complete this year’s “Ride and Stride” for the Nothamptonshire Historic Churches’ Trust.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed donations which have now been collected and the total of £587 is now being sent to the N.H.C.T. our best yet!



Litter Pick 1st April 2017 

Every spring the villagers gather together to pick up litter that's been left on the roads into the village. This year we collected an unbelievable 26 bags of rubbish and 2 tyres! Many thanks to all the volunteers.




Apple Pressing 15th October 2016 

Every year there we gather together at the Crewe Arms in the Autumn to press our apples. Here are some of this year's photos.


Ride and Stride Sponsored Walk Saturday 10th September 2016 

Charles Field, Percy pooch and I did the Sponsored 'Ride and Stride' to raise funds for our church in Hinton-in-the-Hedges and the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust. The Historic Churches Trust gave a substantial grant for the window renovations last year. Thanks to the generosity of our villagers, we raised a grand sum of approx £550, to be divided between the two.

We set off at 9am, suitably attired in waterproofs!  It was the rainiest day ever and didn't stop until around 3pm!  Having got absolutely soaked, we still managed to walk @ 15 miles, mostly by footpath, from Hinton to Steane, Farthinghoe, Kings Sutton, Newbottle and home again.
We checked in at each church on the way and enjoyed the refreshment on offer, including Charles' famous Brandy Orange in the shelter of Farthinghoe's church.  He was suitably equipped with his full hip flask, penknife, sugar cubes and a couple of oranges to produce this most refreshing and stomach warming concoction!
Jeremy & Wendy Veale, Maura Field, Bill Richards, Dorothy Hockley, Elizabeth Neuman, Shirley Watson & Joanna Byles, sat at Hinton Church to receive riders and striders in our village.
Eventually, after covering a lot of farming ground, we stopped off for a later than planned and much welcomed sandwich lunch, sitting on the bench outside Kings Sutton Church! Bliss!  Then we wended our way home, arriving back in Hinton @ 6ish. 
It was a very good day indeed!  Even Percy pooch enjoyed himself!
Clare Bairsto


The Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party

The village celbrated the Queen's 90th birthday on Saturday 11th June 2016 with two events.

A game of Rounders on the playing field, Top Enders vs. Bottom Enders (to compete for the Queen's Shield), followed by 'Lunch on the Green'.

Hinton in the hedges queens PicnicHinton street party 2Hinton street party 3Hinton street party 4Hinton street party 5Hinton street party 6


Hinton Street Party 1Hinton Queens cakeHinton Queen

Hinton watching roundersHinton Topenders winHinton VicarHinton in the hedges flypast

Flood Appeal Coffee Morning

Saturday 23rd January 2016

The coffee morning plus donations raised £511.

This was sent via The Rotary Club for the flood appeal throughout the UK .

Thank you to our host and hostess, Clive and Clare Bairsto for a thoroughly enjoyable morning and super cakes. Thank you also to everyone who contributed raffle prizes, cakes to auction, also to those who helped on the morning.

Lastly, thank you to all who came along and generously supported this appeal and to those who have given donations.

Lindsay and Shirley

Summer Fete 2015

Summer Ball 2015

Litter pick March 2015

1 The Start - Litter-In-The-Hedges 2 The Hinton Litter Pickers 3 Hinton Litter Pickers 4 Hinton Litter Pickers Clean Out a Stream for a Robin

5 Hinton Litter Pickers Gettting Stuck In 6 Hinton Litter Pickers Bramble Scratch 7 Hinton Litter Pick - All Bagged Up 8 The End - A Return to Hinton-In-The-Hedges